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FHOB Workweek 2014

Our Groups


Our research groups are composed

of skilled, smart, dedicated, multiethnic chemists.

Professors, Post-docs, mature PhDs and

young Master students: we all cooperate to mantain the excellence that ensured the

Stratingh Institute for Chemistry a place among the top ranking research centres in the World.



We are very grateful to the

Sponsors of the event.

To discover them and get in contact, check the corresponding page. 



The program of the first 4-day long Workweek of our group is on-line!

The trip, the accomodation, the symposium, the restaurants, the Bonteavond and more...

Check it and prepare your luggage for this memorable experience.

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For information, suggestions, sponsorships or question do not hesitate to contact us!

Welcome to the Homepage of the


research groups' joined Workweek 2014

The Workweek

On this website you will find the latest information about the Feringa-Haryutyunian-Otten-Barta research groups' joined Workweek 2014, planned for the 2nd/5th of June 2014


The Workweek is a 3/4-day long, annual excursion of the Stratingh Institute of Chemistry of the University of Groningen (RUG - Rijksuniversiteit Groningen). This excursion is meant to enhance communication and exchange of knowledge between the groups of the Stratingh institute and between the Institute and other Universities and industrial partners around Europe.

Previous Workweeks


2007  - Heidelberg  (Germany)

2008  - Cologne  (Germany)

2009  -  Nijmegen  (Netherlands)

2010  -  Münster  (Germany)

2011  -  Leuven  (Belgium)

2012  -  Amsterdam  (Netherlands)

2013  -  Ghent  (Belgium)

2014  -  Strasbourg


The event will start on Monday the 2nd and will end on Thursday the 5th of June. For the year 2014, we plan to visit the Université de Strasbourg in Strasbourg, Alsace, France.  Strasbourg is the capital and principal city of the Alsace region in Eastern France and is the official seat of the European Parliament. Located close to the border with Germany, it is the capital of the Bas-Rhin département. The city and the region of Alsace are historically German-speaking, explaining the city's Germanic name. Strasbourg is fused into the Franco-German culture and although violently disputed throughout history, has been a bridge of unity between France and Germany for centuries, especially through the University of Strasbourg, currently the second largest in France, and the coexistence of Catholic and Protestant culture. Economically, Strasbourg is an important centre of manufacturing and engineering, as well as of road, rail, and river communications. The port of Strasbourg is the second largest on the Rhine after Duisburg, Germany. In terms of city rankings, Strasbourg has been ranked third in France and 18th globally for innovation.
Enjoy the website and the Workweek!
The Workweek Committee 2014,
Matea Vlatkovic, Raquel Travieso Puente, Stefano Pizzolato
The Joining Research Groups


The Feringa group

The Harutyunyan group

The Otten group

The Barta group

2nd - 5th of June 2014

We are really grateful  to the I.S.I.S.
Institut de Science et d'Ingénierie Supramoléculaires 
for hosting the symposium, organizing the event and offering the catering for the B.B.Q.
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